Thursday, October 10, 2013

My first & last visit to the new nurse practitioner from HELL!

I had a bad exacerbation a few weeks ago, my whole body from my chest down became numb, (arms and hands included) and after 5 calls to my neurologist I went to have an MRI and it was found I had new lesions on my spine.  At that time it was decided that I would be given 4 days of high dose solemedrol steroids at the outpatient infusion center.  I was also on antibiotics due to an UTI, which probably caused this flare as well and was in my 6th week of Tecfidera and the meds I need to take due to this new medication.  Needless to say, I was really sick.

Be patient, I am setting this story up. I take Gabapentin, Lamotrigine (both for MS pain), high doses of Vitamin D, probiotics, cranberry pills, Tecfidera, and Clonazepam for really bad anxiety.

I had to go into the office since my primary doctor left (I know why now) and I needed to get a new prescription for Clonazapam since it had expired.  I take .5 mg once a day which I cut in half and take half in the morning and half at night.  I decided that since this office was close to the infusion center I would go after my 3rd infusion to see this new nurse practitioner.  OK MISTAKE, I was buzzing at this point but I was going to run out of my medication so I thought it would be ok.

She walked into the exam room.  She looked at my file on the computer.  She proceeded to tell me I was an addict.  I was addicted to all my MS medications (Gabapentin and Lamotrigine) and should go off them right away.  They are not serving any purpose.  She kept on repeating, “I know, I can look up these meds so you are not fooling anybody.”  She asked me about Clonazapam and asked me why I was on it.  Again she said, you are not fooling me,  I can look this up.  Really BITCH, I want to choke you right now; I am full of steroids.  I told her I have really bad anxiety which was probably due to MS, I get very frustrated and lose patience very easily which is not like me.  She then accused me of refilling this drug more than I should.  WHAT????  REALLY?  I can only get 3 months at a time and can’t refill it until 3 months later, it is impossible to do that.  She looked at me and accused me of getting it off the streets.  What the FUCK!!!!!  I told her no and then she told me it was just a matter of time that I did.  I was an addict, she knows because she can look it up.
She ended up giving me a prescription for Clonazapam with no refills and I left shaking.  I HAVE ANXIETY BITCH AND YOU MADE IT WORSE RIGHT NOW NOT TO MENTION THE BUZZING IN MY BODY FROM 3 INFUIONS SO FAR OF STERIODS.  She was lucky I didn’t have a gun.

Needless to say I left so sick and proceeded to be that sick for days.  She really messed me up so bad; I was having an EXASERBATION BITCH..

I really really hate people who think they know everything just because they are a nurse or doctor.  This nurse admitted she didn’t know anything about MS and I really think she didn’t know what the initials MS meant.

I am still steaming about this after 2 weeks now.  What a BITCH.  I am not ever ever going back there and have already acquired a new primary doctor.  In that practice they only have nurse practitioners working right now.  I know why my doctor left without any notice.  I really loved her and hope the best for her.  I just know this place is not good for her.

I am still so so pissed off and can’t let it go.  I have a brochure with this bitch’s face on it so I am taking it to my neurologist.  I will tell him about this visit.  I hope he calls her out of it.  Stupid bitch.

Carry on.