Thursday, July 25, 2013

Chemicals, Side Effects, Pesticides & 4 Hour Erections! Oh My!

Ok I hate them hate them hate them.  I am talking about those white packets you get with your drugs, reading the back of anything you buy from drain cleaner drugs to food.  After reading those labels I promise I won’t drink drain cleaner, put a knife in the toaster or use the product is the seal if broken.  Ok have you ever read about what is in your food?  Do you even know half of what it is all those big words?  I don’t know about you but it just makes me wonder what it does and how it affects me.  My daughter recently went Vegan, totally organic.  It seems like the right thing to do thinking about all the pesticides now in our food and the whole GMO thing about adding chemicals in our food to make them grow faster, bigger and better.  UGH!  I was recently reading my popcorn box which should be mild with chemicals and they add “mixed tocopherols for freshness”.  What am I putting in my body and was this the start of my MS whacking my immune system with a baseball bat?  This is awful and why isn’t anyone stopping this?

Ok drugs, I am ranting so hard on this.  I know on TV they have to give you warnings on the drugs they are selling now but after watching those commercials it has totally made me run for the hills and not even think about taking them, even if the couple gets to sit in that bathtub watching the sunset holding hands.  Come on, I know it would be deadly for a man to have an errection for over 4 hours but I know some women who would love it lol. (My bad).  And then after reciting everything that could happen to you it ends with “and sometimes death”.  Really, really?    I want some of that and even pay high prices because that appeals to me so much.  I don’t read the white packets they give you with the drugs anymore and I know I should.  Don’t get me wrong, I used to read it from cover to cover carefully noting every side effect or serious side effect I could get. I think that is where I started being so afraid of even taking aspirin.  I don’t want to know anymore, especially with our MS drugs.  It is just too scary.  I know I must take them to slow progression (which is hard because I can’t see it); these side effects are just too hard for me to digest.  I am JVC positive so these drugs, especially the new ones can really hurt me and the “sometimes death” thing is reality.  So I don’t read those packets they give you for our drugs, even the ones you get from the pharmacy.  If I am gonna a get side effects I will call the pharmacist and deal.  Period.  If it is serious, believe me I will know and call my doctor.  So give me a medal; now I can say I can recycle with confidence.

Carry on.